My name is Max, I'm an audio engineer and musician,

The Kemper amplifier has been a game changer for recording guitars. Creating Kemper profiles to keep studio tones and use them live or to make recording a lot easier.

I've been working with the Kemper for years and spent a lot of time developing mic techniques to get great guitar tones and create the best Kemper Profiles ever.

I love being able to experience all the possibilities with the Kemper, so my focus is to provide Kemper profiles that cover the full spectrum of an amp, so that you never miss that amp again.

I decided to share my Kemper Profiles and build more of my favorite amp. 

I am 100% sure that you will Kemper Profiles that will work great with your guitar in every pack I made.

 Feel free to contact me with any request, I'll be happy to help!