"Your profiles are in the Liga of the best here according the quality. I like them and I will use some in my performances. And I like your modest behavior. Maybe to modest for the bussinessThe price is sensational for this quality and the amount of good profiles."
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" Wowwwwww dude! The free rig JMP575 Is one of the Best Marshall profiles I've ever heard.Man how did i miss this pack!? These sound great! [...) Also some of the merged cabs are absolutely fantastic as well, saving these cabs and using on other merged profiles is great, they might be worth the price alone."
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"They sound great!!! Thank you, and I will for sure buy every profile you make!."
-Maxim Slock
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"Got this pack a few days ago and it rocks ! Lots of profiles to choose from, with different mics and 2 different cabs. You'll definitely find tones that suit you. I also love the fact that there are lots of DI and merged profiles. Great value for the money !"
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"Clearly a pro-level pack in my notebook."
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