"Been purchasing the "All Profiles Bundle" today ... I have to say how impressed I am about how they all sound ... so musical and inspiring ! Thank you for your work, this bundle is simply the bargain of the century, especially for people looking for clean / mid gain tones.."
Guitar player and Happy Customer

"Loving the profiles! Many have made it to my list of favorites, with so many more to still go through."
Guitar player and Customer, Beginner Member of Kemper Forum

"I bought the HiWatt on Black Friday, what an amazing profile! That and your Black Magick are pure magic. I think you offer something in your profiles that are unique and I really appreciate that."
Guitar player and Customer, Student Member of Kemper Forum

"Snagged the everything bundle and it is just inspiring and incredible. Very extremely diverse packs with beautifully processed tones as well as D.I. thank you guys for the great product!"
-Anthony David Michael
Guitar player and Customer

"Just grabbed your everything pack. These are some of the best sounding profiles i own! Gonna be using your jmp and Buddha profiles with my band live on Sunday"
-Matt Sullivan
Guitar player of My Kind Of Fire and Audio Engineer

"Nice job on the Matamp set, Maxime. The clean / low gain patches with the Alnico speakers in the Mattlab cab were just what I was hoping for. They are really excellent with the old single coils and not too shabby with HB's either ;-) "
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" Bought the Princeton Pack. Exellent made, Sounds great, i have many diff Fender Packs, but this one is Brilliant"
Professionnal Member Of Kemper Forum

"Your profiles are in the Liga of the best here according the quality. I like them and I will use some in my performances. And I like your modest behavior. Maybe to modest for the bussinessThe price is sensational for this quality and the amount of good profiles."
Professionnal Member Of Kemper Forum

" Wowwwwww dude! The free rig JMP575 Is one of the Best Marshall profiles I've ever heard.Man how did i miss this pack!? These sound great! [...) Also some of the merged cabs are absolutely fantastic as well, saving these cabs and using on other merged profiles is great, they might be worth the price alone."
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"They sound great!!! Thank you, and I will for sure buy every profile you make!."
-Maxim Slock
Satisfied Customer

"Got this pack a few days ago and it rocks ! Lots of profiles to choose from, with different mics and 2 different cabs. You'll definitely find tones that suit you. I also love the fact that there are lots of DI and merged profiles. Great value for the money !"
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"This pack is huge! Lot of material to choose from to tailor your tone, as you can see from Maxime's site. As mattt67 already wrote, you'll definitely find tones that suit you. Direct profiles, studio, merged, different cabs and mics... I concur it's a great value for the money.Clearly a pro-level pack in my notebook."
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