Sunn Model T Gen 2 Ultimate Kemper pack

$4.99 On Sale

Image of Sunn Model T  Gen 2 Ultimate Kemper pack

This purchase is the ultimate Sunn Model T Gen 2 Kemper pack
It includes tons of profiles to use with the Kemper profiling amp!

This is a big one!
130 profiles total!

80 Studio profiles
20 Merged Profiles
30 Di profiles

3 Cabs :

Sunn 4x12
Marshall Custom Tall 4x12
Bogner Uberkab 4x12

This is an absolute BEAST of an amp. I had the opportunity to profile 2 heads with different tubes (KT88 and 6550).

Both of the heads are included in the purchase!
Perfect for doom, thick fuzzy tones, etc.

Those profiles were made with Sm57, Royer 121, SM7B, Royer 101, and 421 microphones