Sovtek Tube Midget 50H Ultimate Pack

$4.99 On Sale

Image of Sovtek Tube Midget 50H Ultimate Pack

This purchase is for the ultimate Sovtek Midget 50h Ultimate Kemper profiles pack. It includes tons of profiles to use with the Kemper profiling amp!

30 Merged Profiles + 1 free profile
+ 10 extra Di profiles

Perfect for recording or playing live.

Includes low gain to mid/high gain profiles with many different cabs :

-Custom made Marshall Tall Cab 4x12
-Orange 2x12
- Soundcity 6x10
- Bad cat 2x12

Those profiles were made with my favorite microphones to capture guitar : Royer 101, Sm7b and Sm57. There are also several blended profiles with 2 microphones. All of which are going into a Great River MP-2NV before going back to the Kemper.