Budda Superdrive 80- Ultimate pack!

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Image of Budda Superdrive 80- Ultimate pack!

This purchase is the ultimate Budda Superdrive 80 Pack. It includes tons of profiles to use with the Kemper profiling amp.

38 Merged Profiles
20 D.I profiles
For a total of 58 profiles

Perfect for recording or playing live.

Includes low gain to mid/high gain profiles.

-Custom made Marshall Tall Cab 4x12
-Orange 2x12
-Soundcity 6x10

Those profiles were made with my favorite microphones to capture guitar : Royer 101, Sm7b and Sm57. There are also several blended profiles with 2 microphones. All of which are going into a great river MP-2NV before going back to the Kemper.

FFO : Bonamassa, High gain tones, Crispy clear cleans, highly saturated marshall style tones.