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48 Kemper packs including :

45 amps :
-Sunn Model T Reissue
-Hiwatt Custom 50
-Science Decolonizer
-EHX Mig 50
-Ampeg V4B
-Sunn Beta Bass
-Soldano SLO 100
-Sunn Model T Gen 2 V1 ( KT88)
-Sunn Model T Gen 2 V2 (6550)
-Traynor YBA1-A
-Hot Rod Deville
-Twin reverb 65'
-OR50 40th Anniversary
-Jazz Chorus 120
-Mesa RA100
-Krank Rev 1
-Bogner Shiva 6l6
-Suhr Badger 18
-Fender Bassman '72
-Peavey 6505+
-Mesa Triple Crown 50 (El34)
-Friedman Runt 20
-Fender Harvard 1961 Tweed combo
-Mesa Boogie Lonestar Special
-Mesa Mark V
-Orange Rockerverb Mk1
-Mesa Mark III Blue Stripe
-Bogner Uberschall Rev Blue
-Matamp Kingstreet
-EVH 5150 III
-Orange Thunderverb 200
-Splawn QuickRod 100
-Bad Cat Lynx 50
-Bad Cat Black Cat 30R
-Matamp 1224
-Hiwatt DR103
-Budda Superdrive 80
-Marshall JMP
-Sovtek Mig 50H
-Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Multiwatt
-65 Amps London
-Supro Black Magick Combo Amp
-Orange AD30R
-Fender Princeton 64'
-Vox AC15HW1X

3 Pedals Pack :

- Megalith Delta
-Fulltone Full drive
- ADA APP1 Preamp

28 different cab models :

-Soldano 4x12
-Sunn 4x12
-Fender Hot Rod Deville 2x12
-Fender Twin reverb 2x12
-Roland JC-120 Combo
-Suhr Badger 1x12
-Friedman 4x12 Celestion V30
-Friedman 4x12 Greenback
-Bogner Uberkab With GreenBacks
-Bogner Uberkab With Celestion V30
-EVH 4x12 Cab
-Custom made Marshall Tall Cab 4x12
-Orange 2x12
-Orange 4x12
-Soundcity 6x10
-Bad Cat 2x12
-Bad Cat 4x12
-Mesa 4x12 Cab
-Mesa 2x12 Cab
-Bogner 4x12 Straight Cab
-Matamp 2x12 Custom Cab
-Supro Black Magick Combo
-65 Amps 2x12 with Celestion Alnico Gold Speakers.
-Splawn 4x12 with Eminence Wizard Speakers
-Fender Princeton Combo
-VOX AC15HW1X Combo
-Fender Harvard Combo
-Mesa Lonestar Combo with Black Shadow Speakers

Those profiles were made with my favorite microphones to capture guitar : Royer 101, R121, Sm7b, Sm57, U87, 421, C414 and more. There are also several blended profiles with 2 microphones. All of which are going into a Great River MP-2NV before going back to the Kemper.

Incredible value!