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Many Studio profiles + 405 MERGED profiles + 189 Extra D.I profiles

18 amps :

-Bogner Uberschall Rev Blue
-Matamp Kingstreet
-EVH 5150 III
-Orange Thunderverb 200
-Splawn QuickRod 100
-Bad Cat Lynx 50
-Bad Cat Black Cat 30R
-Matamp 1224
-Hiwatt DR103
-Budda Superdrive 80
-Marshall JMP
-Sovtek Mig 50H
-Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Multiwatt
-65 Amps London
-Supro Black Magick Combo Amp (Not Pictured)
-Orange AD30R (Not pictured)
-Fender Princeton 64' (Not Pictured)
-Vox AC15HW1X (Not Pictured)

3 Pedals : Megalith Delta, Fulltone Full drive, ADA APP1 Preamp

17 different cab models :

-Bogner Uberkab With GreenBacks
-Bogner Uberkab With Celestion V30
-EVH 4x12
-Custom made Marshall Tall Cab 4x12
-Orange 2x12
-Orange 4x12
-Soundcity 6x10
-Bad Cat 2x12
-Bad Cat 4x12
-Mesa 4x12 Cab
-Bogner 4x12 Cab
-Matamp 2x12 Custom Cab
-Supro Black Magick Combo
-65 Amps 2x12 with Celestion Alnico Gold Speakers.
-Splawn 4x12 with Eminence Wizard Speakers
-Fender Princeton Combo
-VOX AC15HW1X Combo

Those profiles were made with my favorite microphones to capture guitar : Royer 101, R121, Sm7b, Sm57, U87, 421, C414 and more. There are also several blended profiles with 2 microphones. All of which are going into a Great River MP-2NV before going back to the Kemper.

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